Plaster Contractor in Carmel Valley, CA

Decorative stucco and plaster is what we do

Plaster Contractor in Carmel Valley, CA

Give your fireplace a plaster makeover!

Plaster Contractor in Carmel Valley, CA

Since 1988, Jenkins Plastering has been the go-to, experienced stucco and plaster contractor, serving Carmel Valley, CA and the surrounding area. We take a detail-oriented approach to every project, delivering superior quality and craftsmanship to both interior and exterior surfaces. From new construction, to remodeling, to repairs and beyond, expect an exceptional finish.

Interior and Exterior Stucco and Plaster Contractors

In California, stucco and plaster are fundamental building materials: resilient, attractive and broadly applicable, no matter the structure. It takes a skilled stucco and plaster contractor to make sure these finishes are installed the right way, and it’s something the team at Jenkins Plastering does for residential clients every day.

As a seasoned stucco contractor in Carmel Valley, CA, we understand the nuances of this special material and how to maximize its durability and overall appeal. We have extensive experience installing long-lasting stucco siding, complete with foam moldings to create high-quality trim that complements the overall look, resilience and general integrity of your property.

World-Class Plaster Finishes

We also install world-class plaster finishes, offering both resilient three-coat and economical thin-coat plastering. For both our stucco and plaster installations, we offer lath services that help you maximize the lifespan of these finishes, making sure they stand up to the elements and look the best for years to come. This is also an exceptional path to bringing fire protection, soundproofing and more to your property’s construction.

Our years of experience in stucco and plaster services has allowed us to take on decorative finish work of unmatched quality and attention to detail. We help you take advantage of the full range of colors and textures you can achieve with these unique materials. Whether you want to enhance your fireplace with a decorative surround or give your front entry some new life, our superior installation techniques and commitment to excellence ensure flawless results, every time. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities!

We work hard to deliver immaculate results for every project, on time and on budget.

We specialize in crafting custom stucco foam moldings for windows and doors.

We take pride in our work, ensuring your home is treated as if it was our own.

Our lathing services ensure long-lasting stucco and plaster installations.

Our exterior coatings are strong thanks to our interval color coat and third coat processes.

Superior Stucco and Plaster Installation

For over 30 years, Jenkins Plastering has delivered superior plaster and stucco installation services for clients throughout the Carmel Valley, CA region. Contact us today for an estimate.

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