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Carmel Valley Lathing Services

Every long-lasting stucco or plaster finish requires a framework of sturdy water and waterproofing paper, called lath. As the leading lathing contractor in Carmel Valley, CA, Jenkins Plastering is the team you can turn to for exceptional high-quality lathing. We ensure your new finish maintains a long life, resists cracking and withstands the elements for years to come.

Plaster and Stucco Lathing Services

When it comes to plaster or stucco finishes, quality lathing is critical. In many ways, the lathing process is more important than application of the final finish itself. Without a good, consistent lath foundation, plaster or stucco finishes might require repair within a very short time. Our lathing services in Carmel Valley, CA are second-to-one. We’re dedicated to ensuring the longevity and quality of our work, and that all starts with good lathing.

Lathing For Decorative Finishes

After decades of experience in the business, we can create a framework that helps you achieve any architectural or decorative project you’re taking on, from routine installations to one-of-a-kind creations. We rely on a combination of training, an eye for architectural design and years of experience to deliver projects according to your exact specifications.

Custom Lathing Capabilities

We’re trained to solve problems with your complete satisfaction in mind. We understand that our reputation is on the line with every project, and that proper lathing is crucial to the longevity of a plaster or stucco finish. Investing in these finishes is a big deal—when you work with us, you can rest assured that your new finish is made to last.

Great Lathing is the Foundation for a Great Finish

Jenkins Plastering understands how important quality lathing is to the overall look and function of a plaster or stucco finish. Learn more about the lathing process and about our capabilities by calling us today at 831-915-5007.